"Double Crime" and "The Punishment"

At Cairo’s book market, I picked up these hard-boiled thrillers—a two-part series, by Normal Daniels and translated into Arabic by Ahmed Adel, from 1967. 

Doing a quick background check on the author, I came up with this:

Norman Daniels was born in Connecticut. He attended Columbia and Northwestern Universities, and worked at a number of jobs before turning to writing full-time in the 1930’s. He married the former Dorothy Smith in 1931.

Daniels’ best-known creation during the era of the pulp thriller magazines was Tony Quinn, “the Black Bat,” whose adventures he chronicled in Black Book Detective from 1939 TO 1952. He also contributed to the Doc Savage, Phantom Detective, and Don Winslow of the Navy series, among others, and wrote stories in the sports, science fiction, western, and other genres.

In the broadcast field, Daniels wrote a number of scripts and stories for radio, and worked as scriptwriter for the Nick Carter radio series. In the 1950’s Daniels sold dramas and Westerns to television, and saw two of his short stories adapted for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Through the 1960’s and 70’s Daniels wrote for mystery magazines and mass-market paperbacks. His books include spy thrillers, adaptations of television shows, doctor and nurse novels, Gothics and romances, some of which were published under the name of his wife Dorothy.

Did Daniels have any idea that his writing was being translated into Arabic?


Prof. Ahmed’s stall at Cairo’s Ezbekia Book Market, featuring vintage erotic fiction and Disney comix. Tell him I sent you.

More Arabic noirs here.

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